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Conceptualise, Design, Build and Evaluate your Course (2nd Run)

When: Tuesday, 07 May 2024
Where: Online Event
Start time:10:00

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So, you have been teaching during the pandemic for the past few years. Now you have a chance to meet with your students face to face again. How are you going to help them gain that engaged earning experience, so no one is left behind? This workshop is designed to help you plan, build, and evaluate your course taking into consideration grounded learning experience design principles. This includes prioritizing equity and inclusion in blended learning strategies. To get the best out of this course, we recommend that you attend (Design and Develop your course in ulwazi) or are familiar with using ulwazi. To register for this course, please refer to the booking form in the table above. 


Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Week 1 – Plan

  • Plan learning environments that intentionally accommodates the 3Cs (Communicate, Care, Collaborate) (F2F).
  • Familiarize the concepts of 3Cs in a blended learning environment.
  • Using QM rubric to assist you in planning an intentional learning environment.

Week 2 – Design

Design a learning environment that is aligned to your outcomes for engaging learning experience. Do they apply?

  • Identify the importance of Storyboard and Curriculum Mapping (F2F).
  • Demonstrate your intentional planning that accommodates the 3Cs by using the Curriculum Map (align with QM standards) (F2F/Online).

Week 3 & 4 - Build (2 sessions)

  • Create your own lesson using given storyboard template or curriculum mapping.
  • Refer to other courses (CR).

Week 5 - Evaluate and Reflect Evaluate and reflect on your curriculum map and aligning to outcomes:

  • Showcase the curriculum map.
  • Facilitators and participants give feedback.
  • Self-evaluation by presenters.


Dates: 07 May - 28 May 2024

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Mode/Venue: Blended (One session per week over 5 weeks)


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