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Alumni Webinar with Greg Solomon

When: Friday, 25 June 2021
Where: Off campus
Start time:11:00


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Greg Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at McDonald’s South Africa 

Wits alumnus Greg Solomon (BSc 1992, BA Hons 1993, BSc Hons 1993) is CEO of McDonald's South Africa. He started his career as a civil engineer and joined McDonald’s SA in 1996 as a project manager and was instrumental in building many of its first restaurants. He believes that to lead, you have to have followed and this is evidenced in his multifunctional experience across the organisation, including supply chain, marketing and operations. For Solomon, good leadership is the ability to influence others, build trust and respect and align his team to a common purpose. His leadership has resulted in 10 years of market share and profit growth while managing a diversified franchise portfolio. He is married, has two adult children and is passionate about family, wildlife and health. 





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