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When: Friday, 21 April 2023
Where: Online Event
Start time:13:00

Tiisang Monatisa


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ChatGPT: Learning, Teaching and Assessment

ChatGPT and other Large Language Models provide both challenges and opportunities for learning and teaching in universities. In this webinar we will look at some differences between human and machine learning and their implications for teaching and assessment. We argue that we can draw on ChatGPT in teaching and assessment to promote student learning and give examples of how we have done so. While ChatGPT can help us to think more carefully about teaching and assessment, and whether our approaches are fit-for-purpose, the expertise of human lecturers remains central in making decisions about what to use ChatGPT for and how to use it.

Karin Brodie is a Professor in the Curriculum Division at the Wits School of Education, and formerly Head of School. She researches the intersections between teaching and learning in schools and Higher Education, focusing on collaborative learning and learners’ identities. She teaches on the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Higher Education).

Laura Dison is an Associate Professor in the Curriculum Division at the Wits School of Education and Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Humanities. She is the Co-coordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Higher Education) and is Academic Coordinator of the School of Education Writing Centre.


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