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Updating the Johannesburg Spatial Development Framework: Engaging Academia

When: Tuesday, 29 September 2020 - Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Where: Online Event
Start time:16:00

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Dylan Weakley, from the City of Johannesburg’s City Transformation and Spatial Planning Directorate will present this seminar.

The Johannesburg Spatial Development Framework 2040 (SDF) is the main spatial planning policy for the City. The Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act  (SPLUMA) gives significant authority to the SDF, indicating for example that those making land use decisions “may not make a decision which is inconsistent with the Spatial Development Framework”. Along with guiding land use decisions, the other major role of the SDF is to direct municipal capital investment in the City.

The SDF was approved in 2016 and  the CoJ will be reviewing it this financial year, 2020/21. The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has made significant additions and amendments to the SDF during the past five years (including the Inclusionary Housing Policy approved in 2019 and the Nodal Review approved this year) and it will therefore not be a full overhaul of the SDF, just an update. Provisionally, COJ plans to:

  • Incorporate new policies approved since 2016,
  • Update information on the status quo of the City,
  • Report on the progress made in the past 5 years, and
  • Address any limitations of the 2016 document.

To kick the process off, the CoJ is holding a preliminary round of public discussions under various themes and interest groups. This seminar is an entry point to engage with academia. The CoJ hopes to gain feedback and suggestions on what it should consider in reviewing the SDF. It will then produce a draft that will be taken out for public participation.

The SDF 2040, Nodal Review and Inclusionary Housing Policy are available to view at:

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