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Engineering education under the microscope: Changing lenses to get power, knowledge, and the curricu

When: Wednesday, 14 August 2019 - Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Where: Parktown Education Campus
Tommy Motswai Seminar Room, Thembalethu Building
Start time:13:00

Mike Klassen, a PhD-candidate in Higher Education at the University of Toronto will present this seminar.

The talk traces research on power and the control of engineering education, which started from a political view of which interest groups call the shots, and shifted to a sociological view of how the “official” curriculum is filtered through a layered process of recontextualisation. The talk will present preliminary analysis of ongoing interviews with engineering academics and professional body leaders in the UK, Singapore, Australia and South Africa to show how Bernstein’s pedagogic device offers theoretical tools that help unravel complex internal debates about engineering accreditation and the position of knowledge in the curriculum. This seminar is hosted by the Centre for Researching Education and Labour.

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