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Reframing Africa - Restructuring the self

When: Saturday, 20 October 2018 - Sunday, 21 October 2018
Where: Off campus
Market Photo Workshop Auditorium, 138 Lilian Ngyoi Street, Newtown
Start time:10:00

The Wits History Workshop and the Wits School of Arts Film & Television Division will host this two-day event.

 Following on from last year's successful Reframing Africa this year’s four major themes are conceived as exercises in thinking about the question of restructuring the self as part of a decolonising project using the archive as a resource.

  • Examining the cinema archive to understand Africans’ encounters with modernity and their roles in shaping it
  • Africans as agents of their own destinies. Attempts by African filmmakers to reclaim and reconstitute African subjectivities on their own historical and cultural terms.
  • How do we reclaim the archive even if it was not made with us in mind? Exploring the ways African filmmakers have or are repurposing the archive.
  • Reclaiming the archive for transformed pedagogies. The development of courses/or post-graduate degrees in film preservation practices at African universities. Integrating archive studies into the curriculum of film and media programmes as well as disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


14:00 - 14:30 - Coffee & Registration

14:30 - 14:40 - Welcome

14:40 - 15:50 - On the Coming of the Time of the Untimely: Towards the Emergence of Film - Archival Studies in Africa by Aboubakar Sanogo. Chair: Pervaiz Khan

15:50 - 17:00 - The Journey Through The Lens of The Photojournalist Nkululeko Khumalo Recollection of The Past by Vincent Moloi

Chair: Palesa Shongwe

16:00 - 17.45 - Reception 

17:45- 20: 00 - Soleil O’ by Med Hondo – Screening. "One of the most compelling films I have ever seen!  Med Hondo is no  ordinary storyteller" Saer Maty Ba


10:00 -10:20 - Coffee

10:20 - 12:05 - Invisible Cartographies: Inscriptions of archival practice in African multimedia arts by Reece Auguiste,

The Second Limitation: the archive, voyeurism and the problematic “black figure” by Jacob Cloete, 

Towards a Partial Biography of Ken Gampu by Litheko Modisane. Chair :Cynthia Kros

12:05 - 12:20 - Break

12:20 -13.30 - Propaganda Turned On Itself by Catherine Meyburgh, The Archive of the Conscious by Khalid Shamis

Chair: Palesa Shongwe

13:30 -  14:30 - Lunch 

14:30 - 15:45 - Remembering Popular Culture by Zandile Tisani; Some thoughts on detemporalisation and value in the moving-image archive by Francois Verster. Chair: Dylan Valley

15:45 - 17:15 - Plenary 

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