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Statistical modelling for practical problems

When: Thursday, 24 August 2017 - Thursday, 24 August 2017
Where: Braamfontein Campus West
Room 112, 1st Floor, The Liberty Actuarial Auditorium, Mathematical Sciences Laboratory Building
Start time:12:30
Enquiries: / (011) 717-6272




The School Of Statistics and Actuarial Science will host this seminar to be presented by Wits Emeritus Professor, Paul Fatti.

In this seminar,  Fatti will discuss the power of statistics for tackling practical problems over a wide range of fields, in which measurement and data play a key role and uncertainty is generally present. After defining what practical statistical research is, and is not, he will discuss some useful techniques to apply when approaching a problem for the first time. His talk will be illustrated using two contrasting problems from his personal experience, the first from the steel industry and the second concerning valuation models for property pricing.


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