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Interest in indigenous knowledge: A search for cultural identity?

When: Tuesday, 11 April 2017 - Tuesday, 11 April 2017
Where: Parktown Education Campus
Staff Lounge
Start time:12:00

Meshach Mobolaji Ogunniyi,Emeritus Professor in the School of Science at Mathematics and Education, University of the Western Cape, will present this lecture.

For a long time interest in indigenous knowledge (IK) among Black Africans and the diaspora has largely been driven by a search for sociocultural identity.

Of factors responsible for this of loss of identity, the most poignant perhaps, have been the Slave Trade, colonialism, racial discrimination and/or apartheid spanning a period of 500 years.

To overcome the negative effects of these human tragedies, Africans and the diaspora have been making strenuous efforts to regain their sense of identity by mobilising their indigenous knowledges for their socioeconomic emancipation. The question, on this special African Day is: What is the story so far?


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