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Emerging narratives in the internationalisation of higher education

When: Wednesday, 01 June 2016 - Wednesday, 01 June 2016
Where: Braamfontein Campus East
Senate Room, 2nd Floor, Senate House
Start time:18:00
Enquiries: or (011) 717-1193

Professor Felix Maringe’s inaugural lecture will focus on an epistemological ecology for transforming global south academies.

In his lecture, Maringe will argue for the development of an epistemological ecology, characterised by the acceptance of a complementarity of diverse epistemes; the cultivation of epistemological interdependency; and a strong support for the development of local epistemologies that will sit equally and comfortably at the same table as the current dominant ones.

Internationalisation has become one of the major strategic developments in universities across the world. With the intensifying globalisation, necessitating the need for greater connectedness and collaborative endeavor, the importance of internationalisation has been on the rise.

Based on several research projects including the Global Survey of Internationalisation conducted in 2010, Maringe will show a parallel narrative emerging from global south academies. He is Assistant Dean in the Wits School of Education and Head of Research for the Internationalisation and Partnerships Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

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