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Wits Impacts for Good - Podcast series

Ethics and the value of philosophy in today's challenging times

Meet Lucy Allais — the Wits professor whose research around philosopher Immanuel Kant’s theoretical philosophy seeks to confront the ethical dilemmas faced around issues such as race, gender identity and more.

How can medical anthropology be used to understand human behaviour today?

Wits Professor Lenore Manderson discusses how medical care intercepts with anthropology, and how it can be used to understand the issues facing the most vulnerable in society during this coronavirus epidemic.

Wits Researcher shares his expertise on global warming and climate change

Meet Professor Bob Scholes, who from an early age knew that he would dedicate his academic and social skills to the development of the planet. His work on the climate emergency we are facing has taken him around the world, sharing his expertise on the evidence and science related to global warming and climate change.

How do we solve the problem of energy poverty in South Africa?

Meet Raees Dangor, a Wits researcher looking at energy poverty and how to alleviate this problem among disadvantaged South Africans.

What are the challenges facing the deaf community?

Meet Wits Professor Claudine Storbeck, who credits her work in and for the deaf community to the children she has worked with.

Why are migrants being excluded from SA’s response to Covid-19?

Meet Jo Vearey — the Wits professor fighting not only for the inclusion of marginalised African migrants in South Africa's Covid-19 response but also for their protection as a wave of xenophobic violence sweeps through the country.

Musa Manzi is a Wits researcher saving lives in the depths of SA’s mines

Meet Musa Manzi – the Wits professor whose ground-breaking mathematical algorithm has the potential to save the lives of mine workers down in the darkest depths of South Africa’s deepest mines.

Helen Rees is a Wits researcher championing SA’s fight against Covid-19

Meet Helen Rees – the Wits professor leading the South African division of the Solidarity Trial that forms part of the international drug trial launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to accelerate the search for an effective vaccine for Covid-19 patients in hospital.

Why do our babies die? Wits researcher Shabir Madhi unravels mystery around stillbirths

Meet Shabir Ahmed Madhi – the Wits professor pioneering the vaccine to prevent stillbirths amongst pregnant women in impoverished communities, who are dependent on public health facilities.

Wits researcher’s technovation stops infection before it starts

Meet Michael Lucas – the Wits PHD student whose break-through academic research in infection control could wipe the slate clean and stop nosocomial infections before it starts.