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Film and Television

Wits Film and Television, situated in the creative capital of South Africa, produces trailblazing filmmakers who challenge and redefine the filmmaking process.

By offering our graduates an excellent intellectual and practical education they are additionally equipped for participating in the global film and media industries. Through our established filmmaking programmes our students develop conceptual creativity, intellectual rigour, and strong practical filmmaking capabilities.

Wits School of Arts - Film & Television

Ranked with the best

Wits Film and TV one of best Film Schools

The Hollywood Reporter has named Wits Film and Television as one of the top 15 international film schools in the world. The publication has announced a separate list for American film schools. The international list features other prestigious institutions such as The Film Academy in Vienna, The Beijing Film Academy, and La Femis in Paris.

Palinopsia by Jurgen Meekel and Jill Richards

The projection surface records the image until it dissipates. After some time, a new image can be projected, creating a new layered assemblageThe notion of the present and past, trace and decay and the impossibility to observe time are central concepts in the work. Underscoring soundscapes form a dialogue with the projected images, echoing these temporal properties.

"Ubuhle" - A documentary by Pretty Mangena and Mbali Mashaba

The film deals with beauty standards and the ideologies that have defined these in and around the black community and how they are often linked to history and politics of survival. It centres around the politics of beauty that include colourism, pretty privilege, make up, hair, the male gaze, and consider how these concepts have influenced beauty in the past and the present.