School of Mining Engineering
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School of Mining Engineering

The School of Mining Engineering, within the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa is recognised as one of the top mining engineering schools and departments throughout the world.

Mining engineers play a key role in the planning, exploitation and excavation of mineral resources. Mining also requires the skills and technology of several other branches of engineering, which is why most of the curriculum for years one and two is common to all branches of engineering. The third and fourth years focus on mining engineering and include technical valuation, ventilation and environmental engineering, mine transport and rock mechanics.

The School’s programme is designed to provide the graduate with the engineering expertise that he or she will require as a mining engineer. As a result, the School has, in conjunction with the South African mining industry, developed a programme of postgraduate courses designed to cater for the needs of graduates. These include technical subjects for specialist skills in mining, mineral resource management and evaluation, and rock engineering, as well as management skills in evaluation techniques and fundamental mineral economic principles.

The School publishes an annual report regarding the developments within the School. You can download the School's 2017 Annual Information Report here:  Wits Mining Annual Review - 2017