Faculty of Science

The vision of the Faculty of Science at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, is to be the Science Faculty of choice on the African continent for:

  • Students and alumni who value a comprehensive and life-enriching science education,
  • Faculty and staff members pursuing excellence and innovation in teaching, service and research in a diverse environment.
  • Individuals and organizations seeking partnerships with the scientific and technological community.

It is our mission to create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge.  We innovate and excel in teaching and research so as to advance the goals of the University and the development of society. 

There are ten Schools in the Faculty, clustered in four groupings: the Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics; Computational and Applied Mathematics; Computer Science; Statistics and Actuarial Sciences), the Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry), the Earth Sciences (Geology, Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Sciences; Geosciences), and the Biological Sciences (Animal, Plant & Environmental Sciences; Molecular and Cell Biology).