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Wits Plus mid-year applications are open

The Wits Plus part-time short courses and certificate programmes are ideal for mature working professionals who want to acquire new skills and knowledge, advance their career or even make a career change.

Wits Plus offers a range of short courses in the following fields / disciplines:

  • Auditing
  • Business & Financial Management
  • Marketing & Presentation Skills
  • Investment & Insurance
  • Law
  • Learning & Development
  • Management & Project Management
  • Corporate Governance & Administration

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Did you know that Wits Plus also offers online learning? Learn more here.

Charisse Drobis (BA 1985, MM 2011), Head of Careers Management Services at Wits Business School, is a keen advocate of continuous learning – especially in an economic downturn. In this video she talks about how WBS can support career development.