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Certificate in Chief Information Officer Practice: CIO Africa Programme 2017

Register now, for online study (next intakes 10 July and 18 Sept. 2017) or for offline offerings in South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria.


CIO Courses 2017: Brochure

LINK Short Courses 2017: Brochure

The LINK Certificate programme in Chief Information Officer (CIO) Practice -- offered at Levels 1,  2, and 3 -- covers issues relating to technology, strategic (C-level) management, business and human capital management processes, and ICT policy and regulation.

The environments of business and government have become increasingly data-driven. In this context, organisations must undertake effective business re-engineering, ensure effective security measures and risk management, and foster effective utilisation of the Internet for marketing and electronic transactions. An increasingly mobile Internet means an increasingly mobile workforce, which may present an opportunity or a threat. To manage these challenges, organisations appoint CIOs, who lead teams responsible for the strategy, design, procurement and operation of the ICT-enabled business. CIOs lead through strategic capability, technical knowledge, and excellent team-building.

Schedule for 2017:

Level 1: IT Management for CIO Teams: Online course (8 weeks): next intakes on 10 July, 18 Sept.

Download Level 1 course fact sheet

Registration for online Level 1 course

Level 2: CIO Professional Practice for IT Operations and Management: Offline course (2 weeks):

Registration for Cape Town Level 2 course (July-Aug. 2017)

Registration for Johannesburg Level 2 course (July and Sept. 2017 OR Oct.-Nov. 2017)

Registration for Egypt Level 2 course (Aug.-Sept. 2017)

Registration for Nigeria Level 2 course (Sept.-Oct. 2017)

Level 3: Advanced CIO Professional Practice for Digital Innovation and Leadership: Offline course (3 weeks):

Registration for Johannesburg Level 3 course (Sept.-Oct.-Nov. 2017)


Prof Raj Siriram, LINK Centre:  

For fee and registration information

Contact Eunice Sediti, Programme Administrator, Wits Enterprise:, Tel: +27-11-717-1188






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