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Learning Information Networking Knowledge (LINK) Centre

The Wits LINK Centre is the leading academic research and training body in the field of electronic communications and ICT (information and communication technology) policy, regulation and management in Southern Africa.





LINK focuses on knowledge production and capacity building for the broad ICT sector, including focus on the telecoms and broadcasting sectors (electronic communications), advances in the wider ICT sector, e-government in the public sector, and e-development in society and the economy. It offers certificate and degree educational programmes, applied research and advisory services, necessary to maximise the benefits of the information society and the knowledge economy. It prepares research-based policy advice to government and regional bodies, and publishes a DoHET-accredited academic journal, The African Journal of Information and Communication.

The LINK Centre's programmes are a response to the expanding demand for training and research in the telecoms, broadcasting and ICT sectors, as countries on the African continent strive to position themselves effectively in the global economy, while addressing local challenges of social and economic development. The information revolution offers opportunities for African countries to advance through levels of socio-economic development to become services-based knowledge economies or agriculturally-based knowledge economies, transforming and promoting new forms of locally relevant innovation. 


ICT policy and regulation

e-development, e-governance, ICT and innovation, digital knowledge economy studies





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