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The Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics

We are a university-based centre committed to the values of justice, dignity, respect and freedom - both intellectual and academic.

The Centre is a Faculty centre situated in the School of Clinical Medicine.

The Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics contributes to excellence in bioethics by:

  • Developing national and international research programmes,
  • Ongoing curriculum development and teaching,
  • Collaborating with other developing and developed world-based bioethicists on training and research projects,
  • Advising health providers on policy matters, including resource allocation, rationing of health care services and monitoring standards of care for the ethical practice of the caring professions including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and pharmacy,
  • Providing an ethics consultation service at hospitals and clinics within the academic hospitals as well as the primary health care settings,
  • Providing NGOs and other community groups with health care ethics advice and
  • Community outreach as a social responsibility 

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 Professor Ames Dhai's Inaugural Lecture

Protecting Participants in Health Research – Riding the Crest or Being Swept Under?

Protectionism is the notion that human beings should be protected from the risks, harms and wrongs that could result because of their participation in studies. An appraisal of health research in South Africa from the 1800’s reveals three distinct waves of protectionism with the advent of the strongest being in 1996. Will we manage to uphold our Constitutional promise of protectionism and will it continue riding the crest of the wave as we grapple with several competing research claims two decades down the line?   

Prof. Dhai's Inaugural Lecture






Programme Chair: Professor Jeanine Vellema

                               Chair of Professional and Ethical Standards Committee

12h30     Registration and Refreshments

13h00     Opening and Welcome to Seminar: Professor Martin Veller

                                                                      Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences


Steve Biko Bioethics Lecture: A Just Health System: Our Common Vision

By Dr Gwen Ramokgopa (MEC Gauteng Health)

13h50     Post Life Esidimeni: Professor Bernard van Rensburg

                                               Psychiatry, Faculty Member


14h00     Family Perspectives: Mr Lucas Mogwerane

                                              Representative: Family Committee


14h10     Student Perspectives: Miss Rubina Valodia

                                                Chair of Wits Students’ Bioethics Society


14h20     Academic Perspectives: Professor Martin Veller


14h30     Panel Discussion: All Speakers

15h30     Closure: Professor Ames Dhai

                            Director, Steve Biko Centre for Bioethics


Date Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Venue School of Public Health Auditorium, Education Campus

Ethics CPD 4

Contact Person  Tel: (011)7172190

RSVP Deadline Date:  6TH September, 2017



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