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Campus Housing and Residence Life, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the University's residence programme, including accommodation and meals, and the provision of recreational facilities and programmes for the improved academic performance and the holistic development of students within a residential environment.

Living in a residence can add to your university experience and give you the convenience of living on campus, close to libraries and sporting facilities. Wits offers a wide variety of residence accommodation, ranging from single gender, catering residences, to mixed gender self-catering flatlets.

University residence can be different things to different people – a place to eat and sleep (but seldom study), a place to study through the night and seldom sleep, a place of loneliness surrounded by strangers, or a welcome home away from home.

Fortunately most Wits students find that they soon make friends and settle into a disciplined routine in which their studies, social activities, sport and mundane domestic cho0000res, such as doing laundry and (occasionally) making their beds, all contribute to a hectic but fulfilling life in one of the most exciting environments that they will ever encounter.

At Wits our residences are LIVING and LEARNING centres. You are at Wits to gain an education, so your academic work must be your highest priority, but you must also find a bit of time to relax and to socialise, and – very importantly – to exercise.  Support is provided in each residence to students that are experiencing difficulties (academic or personal).


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