Exam Results

You can find your exam results on the Wits self-service system

Publication of examination results will be published by your Faculty. Latest date for publication of exam results are as follows:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences - 17 December 2015
  • Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management: 21 December 2015
  • Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment: 21 December 2015
  • Faculty of Humanities: Education - 22 December 2015
  • Arts - 21 December 2015
  • Faculty of Science: 21 December 2015


The following appeals will be considered by the Witsl Readmissions Committee (WRC) on:

Please note that we do not publish mid-year examination results. These are published by individual schools/departments and are largely regarded as unconfirmed until the end of the year. . Deferred and/or supplementary examination results can also be accessed from this page once they have been confirmed and published.

If you have been excluded (code MRNM) you may want to appeal the decision by applying to the Wits Readmissions Committee (WRC). If so, the following is for your information.

WRC Readmissions Outcomes

WRC Readmissions Application Forms

Students must complete forms A,B (if applicable) and F when they submit their applications to the faculty. Please be advised to print form A single sided to accomodate for the tear-off slip.

Should you need help in completing WRC form(s) you can consult members of the Faculty or School Student Councils, the SRC or the Faculty Office.