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The Origins Centre Museum

Visitors to the Origins Centre follow an 80 000-year path in search of the art and culture that has inspired human innovation, as well as delve into the fascinating beliefs of the San, included the simulated experience of an eland hunt and a trance dance performance.

Opened by President Thabo Mbeki in 2006, the Origins Centre is dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of modern humankind, telling the story of the emergence of human beings and humanity in southern Africa. Origins is home to a vast array of palaeoanthropological, archaeological and genetic materials charting the origins, evolution, and development of humankind. These include ancient stone tools, artefacts of symbolic and spiritual significance, and examples of the region’s visually striking rock art.

The Origins Centre boasts an extensive collection of rock art from the Rock Art Research Institute (RARI) at Wits, affording visitors the opportunity to view some of the richest visual heritage found in South Africa and to learn about its history and meaning.

Interpreting rock art

Highlights from permanent exhibitions

Origins Centre new wing

A new space opens for Wits treasures

The Origins Centre's new wing will exhibit priceless treasures that will enrich our understanding of the ancient art of the Khoi and San people. The wing houses a collection of engraved boulders brought from parts of North West province. 

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