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The cog, the book and the kudu


A hidden message in the Wits coat of arms? Hmm…

Louis Shakinovsky (BA 1968) reports that he sometimes gets a certain reaction when he wears his Wits cufflinks. “By dint of my job [he’s chairman of Global Dental Services and of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Centres of Excellence and a director of Belron International] I often open clinics and HQs, and attend functions. What I have always done is worn my Wits cufflinks in preference to any others. They must have some similarity to the Masons’ icons, because every so often I get a strange handshake and invitation to a lodge.”

Maybe it’s just his own special powers: Shakinovsky is also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. Whatever the reason for his ability to make connections, he has overseen hundreds of mergers and acquisitions over his long business career. This started while he was still a student at Wits, when he joined PGSI (Plate Glass group), the forerunner of Belron. Through knowledge and through work, indeed.

We’ll keep alumni posted on the progress of an online Wits Shop where you can buy items like the cufflinks.