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Fun and games at Wits


Digital or human, there are all kinds of characters on campus.

Many Wits students, like millions of people around the world, are playing Pokémon Go on their smartphones. The “augmented reality” game involves finding virtual characters called Pokémon in real-world locations and capturing them.

Wits campus has plenty of Pokéstops and gyms – locations where you can find Pokémon. And the fun’s not just on the screen but also in meeting fellow players while searching for Pokémon characters on campus.

Games are big business and you can study Game Design and Digital Arts at Wits. The Game Design degree is the first in South Africa and Africa.

If imaginary creatures are not your thing, you can still take a virtual tour of Wits campus to revive your memories and to see what’s changed.

Or download the This is Wits app and, as you walk around campus, click on any pin to hear the stories behind the people and events that make Wits University great. 

Did you have a special place, favourite feature, treasured object or memorable encounter on campus? Share your stories – email us on