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The LINK Centre is an interdisciplinary academic hub whose members teach, research and advise on a wide spectrum of electronic communications and ICT matters in African contexts.

LINK staff, visiting academics, and associates operate at intersections among law, economics, sociology, politics, management, technology and development. These are the disciplines that inform public policymaking and regulatory decision-making for the emerging, digital, networked knowledge economies and societies present on the African continent.

LINK convenes the Wits Master of Arts in the field of ICT Policy and Regulation (MA ICTPR) degree, which prepares graduates to engage with information and communications technology (ICT) sector policy and regulation; with the sector's innovation and market practices; and with the sector's e-development and e-transformation dynamics. These themes are tackled from global, African, and Southern African Development Community (SADC) perspectives. The Centre also convenes several professional Certificate programmes, including the highly regarded Certificate in Telecommunications Policy, Regulation and Management (TPRM).

Our educational programmes are of interest to policymakers and regulators; to user communities in industry sectors such as banking and financial services; to telecommunications, broadcasting, Internet and new media operators; to scientific research agencies and universities; and to civil society and community-based groupings.

Our research and policy engagement span across several policy, regulatory and practical dimensions of ICT-enabled, ICT-mediated social and economic change in the global and African networked knowledge economies. The research outputs contribute to building public discourse on information society, digital economy and socio-economic development issues; to informing associated policy, legal and regulatory processes; and to energising the content of our Master's and Certificate programmes.



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