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Supplementary Exams

3.4.1 Supplementary assessments (General Rules 13.5 and 15.1) A supplementary assessment is one granted (where the rules for the degree permit it and in terms of conditions set out in Faculty Standing Orders) to a student who has failed in a qualifying course. Supplementary assessments should be compiled at the same time as the final assessment and be subject to the same practices and moderation procedures. A supplementary assessment should take the same format (but not content) as the final assessment and should bear the same relationship to the course/year mark as did the final assessment. Where the extent and nature of a supplementary assessment is to be different from the final assessment that was taken and failed, the extent and nature of the work to be examined in the supplementary assessment must be published on the school notice board. Where a supplementary assessment is granted, the final resultant mark may only be recorded as a pass (with the appropriate minimum pass mark) or a fail. Where the nature of a course is such that a Head of School or Assistant Dean wishes to depart from this principle, he or she can request the Faculty Executive Committee for permission to make the result of a supplementary assessment form the total and final reassessment of a student's performance in a course and no account is taken of the course/year mark. A student who does not present himself/herself for a supplementary assessment shall not be entitled or permitted to have that assessment deferred unless there are in the opinion of the Senate exceptional grounds for permitting the student to do so. For practical reasons, a student who has failed a deferred assessment (see shall not be granted a supplementary assessment in that course.