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Student Support and Success

We're here to help you achieve your academic goals, from registration to graduation.

The Road to Success Programme

The Road to Success Programme (RSP) is the Faculty of Commerce, Law, and Management’s (CLM’s) student support and success programme. We provide holistic support to all undergraduate students in the faculty. The RSP aims to guide CLM students on the path to personal and academic success from registration to graduation.

What we are about

The RSP uses an integrated network of tutorials, interactions with Success Advisors and Success Tutors, on-one-on consultations, online support, and toolkits for success, which serve to help CLM undergraduates achieve their short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

The RSP also provides personal, emotional, food/clothing, and funding-application related support, to ensure the unique needs of each CLM student are addressed. The continued development and effective implementation of these support structures is geared at helping students succeed from the start, and allows them to take responsibility for their own success and eventually give back to the next generation of Wits graduates.

The above is underpinned by continued research in and around student support and success, as well as the scholarship of Teaching and Learning.