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Acting President of Convocation

Vision Statement: Dr Maurice Goodman

There are a few defining moments in life. Without doubt, graduation is one of them. As you leave this hall, you enter into a world of limitless possibilities, accessible only to a select group of people who have lived our University’s motto: “Scientia et Labore” (“through knowledge and work”). You have taken on the challenge and triumphed!

However, never forget that you haven’t done it on your own. Behind you are a family, a community, a country that have in some way contributed to your success. You owe them a serious debt of gratitude.

Your graduation brings with it some obvious benefits. In addition to earning the degree conferred upon you today, you have also earned the right to be associated with a special group of individuals: the Convocation of Wits University. Convocation represents all the degreed graduates of Wits and forms a vital link between the University and the global community in which it operates. Membership of Convocation is free and provides you, as a Wits graduate, with unique privileges, which include nominating the Chancellor of the University. 

Convocation acts as an official channel, allowing you, the members, to convey to the University management your views about the University. Please participate actively and constructively and communicate with us at Convocation elects two representatives to the Wits Council and maintains other regular contact with the University, especially with the Alumni Relations Office.

There are now over 160 000 Wits alumni worldwide. Proudly diverse as we are, our shared experiences and memories of studying at Wits make for a very strong network indeed. So in addition to congratulating you on your graduation let me also welcome you to your lifelong relationship with Wits.

With the benefits and privileges, now more than ever before, come responsibilities. Together with your fellow alumni, you need to nurture and enhance the value of the asset you have now acquired. You need to give back to Wits by promoting its image, preserving its values and contributing towards its ongoing development, ensuring that it grows in stature as a globally competitive, proudly South African institution of higher learning. This is how you can repay the debt of gratitude you owe to your teachers and to our country.

We warmly welcome you to the Convocation of Wits – you are now a Witsie for life!

Dr Maurice Goodman
Acting President of Convocation