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Transformation at Wits

At Wits University, transformation is understood as a process essential to sustained academic excellence – through continuous assessment and renewal in the support services of the university, as well as through teaching, learning, research and social engagement undertaken by the University.

Wits University also recognises that there are social, economic, political and cultural imperatives that require both reflection and intervention to redress the inequalities and injustice generated by apartheid on all South Africans.  The programmes and projects run by the Transformation and Employment Equity Office are aimed at facilitating this process and, in doing so, to address the impact of these inequalities on life as part of the Wits community.
The Wits transformation agenda is framed by national development goals, equity legislation, the United Nations Millennium Declaration and our location on the African continent.  At the heart of the process of transformation are the values enshrined in the South African Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
Transformation at Wits refers to processes of  change in our  curricula so that it reflects  diverse sources of the best forms of knowledge from within South Africa, Africa and across the world as well as the use of different teaching methodologies, diversification of the demographic profile (gender, race, ideology, nationality, class etc.) of  both our  staff and students without compromising on merit, qualifications and standards as well as an inclusive institutional culture which is characterized by a nurturing, supportive and inclusive environment necessary for the realization of  academic excellence in all its dimensions.

Laying ghosts to rest, unleashing talent, paving new pathways, committing to human rights & striving for academic excellence. 
- The Wits Transformation Experience

Executive Statement and 8 Key Priorities are key documents that guide the Transformation Office in its mandate


The Wits Transformation and Employment Equity Office works with key stakeholders to ensure the Wits experience is characterised by a culture of human rights and inclusivity.

Our team works on three key programmes:

  1. Employment Equity and BBBEE
  2. Diversity, Ethics and Social Justice (focusing on social asymmetries in the areas of “race”, sex, culture, (dis)ability, place of origin etc.) and mediation.
  3. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advocacy

For more info, contact Cecilia Smith at / 011 717 1462.