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Staff Profile

Professor Marius Pieterse

QualificationsLLM, LLB, PhD, BLC
Phone 0117178452
Organisational Unit School of Law

M arius joined the School of Law as a lecturer in 1999, having previously worked as an academic co-worker at the University of Pretoria and as researcher to Judge LWH Ackermann at the Constitutional Court. He is currently a professor in the School of Law. From 2007-2011, he was also the Assistant Dean of research in the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management. He teaches and supervises research at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, in the areas of constitutional law, human rights law and health law.

Marius has published extensively, in areas including human rights law, constitutional law, family law, health law, and urban development. He holds a B2 rating from the National Research Foundation. He has published both nationally and internationally, regularly delivers guest lectures at other faculties and institutions, and regularly presents his work at national and international academic conferences and policy workshops. The majority of Marius' recent research has focused on the enforcement of health-related socio-economic rights and the reform of the South African health system, which was also the focus of his PhD thesis. More recently, he has worked in the area of urban social justice, and he is currently pursuing research on the right to the city and the relationship between law, the production of urban space, and the achievement of social justice and transformation. Marius is a former editor of the South African Journal on Human Rights and a former member of the editorial board of the Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg. In the field of health and human rights, he is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Section 27, a human rights organisation involved with activism, research and litigation pertaining mainly to health-related socio-economic rights. In 2009, he served as a panel member at the South African Human Rights Commission's public hearings on the achievement of the right to health. In the field of urban social justice, he is currently the joint co-ordinator of the International Research Group on Law and Urban Space (IRGLUS).


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