Emthonjeni means drawing from the Fountain
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The School of Human and Community Development

The School of Human and Community Development, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA Psych), a 4-year BA programme in Social Work (B Social Work), B (Speech-Language Pathology) and B (Audiology) degree. Majors include audiology, speech and language pathology, psychology and linguistics. In addition, there are units in related medical, educational, linguistic and psychological areas that contribute to the students' necessary background knowledge.

Social Work aims to help individuals, groups or communities to resolve the relational, emotional, material and social development difficulties that hinder their social adjustment. Methods employed by social workers include case work, group work and community organisation; the social worker may also engage in social work administration or research. The Bachelor of Social Work is a four-year course that offers a basic preparation in social science subjects, as well as professional education in the theory and practice of social work.

There is emphasis on practical work to complement the academic teaching. Practical work takes place at Wits’ Speech and Hearing Clinic and at various speech and hearing clinics attached to hospitals and at schools across Gauteng.

The study of Psychology can complement a range of other courses in humanities and the social sciences. Within this field are a number of career options including working within organisations, working with the mentally ill and disturbed children, working to change destructive patterns in communities, and researching social and health phenomena.