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Update on student protest and registration

- Wits University

Senior Executive Team statement at 09:00:

This morning campus security evicted about 20 students that were occupying the Ground Floor of Senate House and who effectively disrupted the University’s registration process yesterday. The students were asked to leave last night but did not do so, and were thus evicted this morning. 

The occupation infringed on the rights of students who wanted to register, many of them the poorest of the poor that required assistance from the University. The University suspended face to face registration on Monday and Tuesday and students were requested to register online and telephonically. Face to face registration will continue from tomorrow, Wednesday, 13 January 2015. 

The University is committed to increasing access to higher education and in so doing, has put in place an arrangement for the first fee payment. Students who cannot afford to pay the first instalment can fill in a form online indicating that they cannot pay, and the University will allow them to register. The first fee payment is therefore not an obstacle to registration for any student. Regarding historical debt, for all students who were on NSFAS in 2015, an agreement has been reached with government. As per a statement issued by the Presidency, the historical debt of all students who were on NSFAS in 2015 will be settled by government. 

It is important to realise that we cannot destroy the University and make it unsustainable. This will impact more on the poor rather than rich and will reinforce the very inequalities that we are trying to address. 

We respect the rights of those who wish to protest lawfully and peacefully without infringing on the rights of those who want to work and learn. 

Senate House and all University buildings are now open to staff. Staff are requested to please redirect all who have queries to their respective faculty offices. Admissions consultants will be available in faculty offices.  


For today, all fees queries should be directed to

All Financial Aid and Scholarships queries should be directed to

Telephone registration can be undertaken for Health Sciences and Engineering students via 011 717 1888 

For updates and information visit or follow on the University on Twitter: @WitsUniversity and @Wits_News.