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University management, SRC reach agreement

- Wits University

Message from the Senior Executive Team at 08:00:

In the interests of facilitating further access to the University, and after negotiation with the Students' Representative Council, the Senior Executive Team has agreed to implement the following measures that will enable more returning students to register in 2016:

1. All students who owe the University between R1 and R1 000 will be allowed to register in 2016. The outstanding debt for 2015 will be rolled over to 2016. The University estimates that this concession will benefit 3 607 students this year.

2. All students who can show that they are fully funded for 2016 will be allowed to register. They will have to sign an acknowledgement of debt for fees owed in 2015.

3. The University will work with the SRC to raise funds to clear the debt of approximately 1 284 students who owe the University between R1 001 and R5 000. If this effort is successful, these students will then be allowed to register in 2016.

4. The SRC and the University will approach the provincial government to cover the debt of about 1 418 students who owe the University between R5 001 and R20 000. If these efforts are successful, these students will be allowed to register for the 2016 academic year.

We trust that these arrangements will go a long way towards enabling the majority of our students to register for 2016 without hindrance. A number of other issues have also been agreed to and/or resolved. These will be announced later today.

Thank you to all staff and students for your patience during this difficult period.