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Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU)

The CCDU provides a welcoming and safe space to students, to enhance their well-being and contribute to their academic success .

Based on an ethos of student-centeredness, the Unit is staffed by a small but dedicated team of professionals inclusive of psychologists, social workers, careers educators, life coaches and administrators who offer a variety of supportive and empowering services to the student community.

The following services are available through the Counselling & Careers Development Unit:

  • Career Services - career development through career counselling/education, psychometric career assessments and personal development workshops.
  • Therapy Services - one-on-one counselling and/or group therapy, trauma debriefing and psycho-education in the form of workshops and talks.
  • HIV/AIDS Education and Support services - holistic interventions and programmes for students affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Learn for Life - is a structured programme that provides psychosocial learning and life skills development for students through the facilitation of group processes, presentations, workshops and trainings.
  • Graduate Recruitment - A programme that facilitates contact between students and prospective employers through the organisation of career exhibitions, company presentations, and foyer interviews.
  • University Student Employment - facilitates student placement for part time, flexi time and/or temporary work.

The Unit's contact details are as follows:

Braamfontein, West Campus  

Counselling and Careers Development Unit (CCDU) 011 717 9140/32


Wits Education Campus: Marang Building, Ground Floor

both offices are open Monday-Friday  08 h00-16 h30 

Important health and safety/security  numbers:

  • Campus Health and Wellness Centre 011 717 9110/1/3
  • Campus Protection Services (all hours in case of emergency) 011 717 4444/6666
  • Gender Equity Office GEO 011 717 9790

The Gender Equity Office deals with all aspects of gender based harm, e.g Sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape; Sexism / unfair discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

 Useful Contact Information for after hours support:

  • LifeLine (24 hours) 011 728 1347 or 0861 322 322
  • South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)

SADAG Helpline :  0800 12 13 14 or SMS 32312

  • SADAG Suicide Crisis Line 800 567 567 or SMS 31393
  • Akeso psychiatric response unit (24 Hour) 0861 435 78