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Undergraduate Course Information

FVPA 1A & FVPA 1B Film Visual and Performing Arts (WSOA 1002 & WSOA 1003))

In this course, you will be introduced to key theories and methodologies in the areas of Film, Theatre and Performance, Music, Digital and Visual Arts, and to a range of case studies from these different disciplines. The first semester of the course is arranged according to two overarching themes, namely representation and symbolic forms and genresconventions and contexts. The second semester of the course is also arranged according to two overarching and connected themes, namely stereotypes and power and the bodysex and race. Through engaging with the material presented in this course you will gain a broad understanding of theories and practices in the field of film, visual and performing arts, a sphere which extends beyond the narrow confines of specialist studies, into our everyday lives, and our understanding of the world. Increasingly in the arts, discipline boundaries are being challenged and re-drawn. The course is taught by leading artists and academics from the Wits School of Arts.

FVPA 2A - Storytelling across Media and Cultural Contexts (WSOA 2021A)

This course will introduce students to the expressive power of storytelling through different media with respect to the ways in which stories and their worlds are shaped by the affordances and limitations of different media (comics, videogames, films, television series, live performances, oral storytelling, music, dance, etc.) as well as the cultural contexts in/from which they are realised.

FVPA 3A - Aesthetics, Technologies and Commodity Cultures (WSOA 3016)

Synthesising critical perspectives across Game, Film, Visual, Performance, and Cultural, Studies this course will explore the interconnections of cultures, identities, aesthetics, economies, technologies, hierarchies of tastes, and power relations. The course will draw on case studies across the aforementioned fields of study to introduce key concepts, and explore questions, that are critical to the arts and culture in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

FVPA 3B - Medium, Process and Criticality (WSOA 3017)

This course introduces students to interdisciplinary investigations into research methods in the arts and creative industries. The course consists of lectures and seminars by researchers in the School of Arts and visiting scholars. It involves intensive critical reading and writing in relation to current and specific texts, exhibitions, installations, festivals, concerts, conventions, performances, or productions. The course does not require practical making through performance or production.

Participatory Cultures (WSOA 4106A)

A critical investigation, in the tradition of cultural studies, into the practices and performances that inform various kinds of participatory cultures. In this seminar-based course, we will also focus on how our location in Johannesburg, and more in broadly South Africa and the global south, influences and inflects participation in these cultures and subcultures.

Digital Humanities (WSOA 4109A) offered from 2020

This seminar-based course explores the ethical, political, and material, effects of digital techne within their situated networks. The course takes its impetus from intersectional queer, and feminist, perspectives within the Digital Humanities and will reflect on how digital formations might both constitute and/ or frustrate decolonising procedures.

Film Studies (DRAA 4036A)

This seminar course explores 5 topics within contemporary film studies: (a) Film Studies and Digital Technologies, (b) the Business of Film, (c) Spectacle and Narrative in Contemporary Media Culture, (d) Hollywood/Bollywood/Nollywood and (e) Cinema in South Africa.

Students work in pairs or small groups to explore various aspects pertaining to their chosen topic by engaging with the research and scholarship, debates, practices, and case studies relevant to the selected topic.