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While students who take FVPA, and our other courses, do not have to be arts practitioners, the subjects we offer include opportunities to work collaboratively and individually on exciting creative projects. Taking advantage of WSOA’s location in Johannesburg/South Africa/Africa, together with its position in the global arts and culture context, our courses incorporate field trips, playful experimentation, multi-media learning, and exposure to a network of leading practitioners and theorists.  

Our courses bring students into dialogue with peers, ideas, and practices across the creative industries including film and television, theatre and performance, game design, music, fine arts, and cultural policy and management. Through this collaboration with colleagues and students across WSOA, the IACS programme creates pathways to postgraduate studies and diverse career opportunities. 

FVPA and the courses IACS offers in senior and postgraduate years all develop problem solving, writing, critical thinking, and research skills and, most importantly, the ability to synthesise perspectives and practices across different cultural forms. This training prepares students for a global workplace and knowledge economy that increasingly requires versatile and imaginative engagement with arts, culture, media, and technology sectors.