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Undergraduate Programme

Semester 1 (WSOA 3019A): Arts Management IIIA - Introduction to Arts Marketing. Learn to market yourself as an artistic brand and how to create awareness for your identity. Begin to think entrepreneurially about packaging the arts. Use relevant case studies to contextualize arts marketing strategies. Create, implement and review your marketing strategy for an arts project.

From 2019 this course will be replaced with Introduction to Cultural Policy and Management (Semester 1). It will introduce students to the arts and culture sector of South Africa, the policy environment governing the sector, the numerous public and private institutions that make up the landscape as well as some of the key concepts and theories related to cultural policy and cultural management.

Semester 2 (WSOA 3020A): Arts Management IIIB - Fundraising in the Arts. This course introduces performing arts students to basic fundraising and financial management concepts. The aim is to explore fundraising and basic financial management techniques that are effective in the creative industries and lead to well managed and sustainable arts initiatives. The course explores old and new funding paradigms as well as corporate sponsorship.

Semester 1 (WSOA 4098A): Arts Management IVA - Arts Marketing and Business Studies (4th year or Honours).  The course teaches planning, exploring arts institutional structures and implementation of plans and projects. It provides insights on different legal entities, organizational forms and design, building teams, understanding the difference between strategy and action. The use of local case studies is critical and where relevant these are compared with international examples. Guest lecturers provide insightful information into existing practice, while the traineeship placement at an arts organization enables students to gain hands on experience. From 2019 this course will be replaced with Cultural Entrepreneurship, to strengthen engagement with key concepts and theories in cultural entrepreneurship both formal and informal, business models in the arts and culture sector and the professional practices of artists. Some previous content will merge with this new content.  

Semester 2 (WSOA 4099A): Arts Management IVB - Arts Organisational Marketing and Sponsorship (4th year or Honours). This course teaches concepts and theories of understanding cultural goods, how to develop and plan. It also delves briefly on how to access the appropriate audience for artistic programming i.e. audience development. You will create and plan a marketing strategy that is conducive to organizational needs - plan, implement, monitor and evaluate market research.

Semester 1 & 2: Experiential Learning Course Requirement: Arts Traineeships - In order to meet requirements for 3rd and 4th year arts management courses, students need to successfully complete 30 hours (4th years) or 20 hours (3rd years) of learning and professional management service in an arts organisation. The traineeship hours take place over one semester (university calendar timeframe) and all traineeships need to be approved by the course co-ordinators. Each of the four arts management courses has a specific planned traineeship programme to promote the students’ university experience through an experience of the world of work.