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Honours programme in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management

The Honours degree is in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management undertaken by coursework and research essay. Students are required to complete four coursework units and write a research essay of 10,000 words. The Honours full-time requires students to complete all four courses and the research long essay in one year, while part-time commitment requires students to complete two courses in the first year and the remaining two with the research long essay in their second year of study. Each course is a semester in length (either February – May or July – October), and the contact time (attendance) for each course is one afternoon per week during term time.

Compulsory courses for Honours in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management:

Art Management IVA (WSOA – 4025A) - Arts Marketing and Business Studies (to be replaced with Cultural Entrepreneurship from 2019) (Please see course description in the undergraduate section above)

Art Management IVB (WSOA – 4026A) - Arts Organisational Marketing and Sponsorship (Please see course description in the undergraduate section above)

NB: Students registered for the compulsory courses are required to participate in traineeships (experiential/work learning).

Honours course electives:

There is currently one elective available within the Cultural Policy and Management Division for Honours and 4th year students and that is:

Directions in Cultural Leadership - WSOA 4096/7A

This course is offered to 4th year and honours WSOA programmes. It deepens knowledge of leadership theory and practice; participants build their own specific career portfolio as part of the programme. The professional artist’s portfolio places students in a position of readiness for the world of work. Theory is central to debates around history of marketing in the arts, leadership and the concept of valued based marketing in the arts, and how one finds one’s own identity in multiple offerings in the twenty first century.

NB: If this elective is not available students can choose electives from different divisions within the School of Arts and the humanities where they meet entry requirements

The Honours coordinator is Ms Johanna Mavhungu