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Municipal Finance Management

The aim of this short course is to equip senior staff in local government with practical and professional skills to promote efficient, accountable, equitable and sustainable management of South Africa's public finances.


On completing all course requirements, participants should be able to:

  1. Apply a comprehensive knowledge of government policy framework regarding service delivery
  2. Implement financial controls and manage risk within the local government context as well as manage all aspects of the municipal budgeting system, including implementation
  3. Describe the responsibilities expected of municipal officials in positions of authority, particularly with respect to decisions that have financial implications
  4. Manage stakeholder relations effectively
  5. Explain the strategic planning process and align implementation policy and performance management procedure with overall local and national government strategy
  6. Apply the key principles of supply chain management (SCM) and link the import SCM regulations to the delivery of municipal services
  7. Prepare regular reports on financial position, financial performance and cash flow statements
  8. Manage a municipality's assets and liabilities through an application of internal controls required to manage fraud that may arise in receipt and use of municipal assets
  9. Explain the importance of having IT controls, risk-based plan and a rescue plan
  10. Apply the principles of project management to run successful project within a specific time and budget
Course content

1. Group Dynamics

2. Municipal Legislative Environment and Policy

3. Municipal Strategic Planning, Implementation and Supply Chain Management

4. Municipal Budgeting, Implementation and Supply Chain Management

5. Municipal Risk in a Municipal Context

6. Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Relations

7. Municipal Financial Reporting

8. Management of Municipal Assets and Liabilities

9. Project Management and IT