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Executive Education

WSG consistently offers a wide range of specialised and flexible courses in specific management areas including: health, education, development, housing, public and development finance, public and development management, crime and policing, humanitarian assistance, social security, defense and peacekeeping, policy, governance, leadership, monitoring and evaluation.

Short courses are delivered in a variety of models, which include single blocks of study, block-release sessions over a number of months, workshops, breakfast seminars, or a combination of these options.

Courses on offer

Certificate in Development and Management of Local Government

The Certificate Programme in the Development and Management of Local Government is a multi-disciplinary programme. You will learn various logics, forms and approaches for the development of results-based management systems in a sensitive manner to local context.

This knowledge can enhance logical thinking and process steps in designing results-based monitoring and evaluation systems and improve decision making skills. Through the programme you will learn skills to be more effective in your current and future roles as leaders in local government.

Contact person: Bongiwe Msweli on (011) 717-3567 or   


Certificate in Public Sector Risk Management

This course will help you deepen your understanding to set-up, manage and maintain an effective and value added risk management system that enables them to timely identify risks and mitigate. You will be equipped to provide management reports with key information regarding risk exposure threatening the organisation's objectives and viability. To identify and mitigate emerging strategic risks which require management's attention. Participants will be exposed to public sector legislation and regulations in South Africa as well as to the public sector governance and risk guidelines.

Contact person: Yhesmien Hill on (011) 717-3868 or  



Public Enterprises Governance, Performance and Economic Development Certificate

In this course you will be skilled to improve impact and overall performance of commercial and non-commercial state owned companies. The course will also focus on improving governance and leadership functions at state owned companies and enhance the strategic and ethical role of public leaders in representing the people and ensuring that government and state institutions meet their developmental mandates.

You will be skilled to advance the professional capabilities of public leaders and use appropriate oversight strategies and tools to monitor and evaluate the implementation of government's priorities, plans and programmes. Understand the development of policy and strategy in the context of markets and state intervention.

Contact: Boitumelo Molefe on (011) 717-3103 or   

Public Finance and Fiscal Management

The certificate programme was developed as a response to the need in the public service for increased capacity in the area of public finance and financial management. This course will equip participants with the technical, analytical and functional skills for public financial and fiscal policy management.

Contact: Boitumelo Molefe on (011) 717-3103 or  



Certificate in Public and Development Sector Monitoring and Evaluation

You will be trained to specialise in results based management. On completing all the course requirements, you should be able to utilise the various monitoring and evaluation logic, form and approaches for the development of results-based management systems in a sensitive manner to local context. You will also be able to apply the logical thinking and process steps in designing results-based monitoring and evaluation systems and design all aspects of results-based management monitoring and evaluation systems. You will also be empowered to use data to improve decision making and enable others to do so as well.

Contact person: Yhesmien Hill on (011) 717-3868 or  

Certificate in Programmes and Project Management

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about a wide range of project management instruments and techniques in a variety of development contexts, while allowing students to apply their understanding of strategic and operational frameworks in project management.

Contact person: Boitumelo Molefe on (011) 717-3103 or 

Certificate in Economic Development and Policy

This course is for public sector officials, development practioners and NGO who want to innovatively engage economic policy theoretical concepts and debates. This course constructs relevant conceptual and analytical frameworks to key issues relating to economic development and policy formulation. It challenges students to develop and demonstrate understanding in the area of economic policy and its macroeconomic environment with particular reference to an industry.

Contact: Boitumelo Molefe on (011) 717-3103 or   

Certificate in Managing Public Policy

The Certificate Programme in Managing Public Policy is targeted at middle and senior managers, government, government policy units, public policy think tanks or non-profit and development sectors, who want  to improve their skills and keep abreast with dynamic developments in the environment of public policy

Contact person: Yhesmien Hill on (011) 717-3868 or  

Certificate in Local and Regional and Economic Development

You will be introduced to new ideas and thinking about local and regional economic development and management in order to stimulate different approaches to management in the provinces.

Contact: Bongiwe Msweli on (011) 717-3567 or    

Certificate in Government Communications and Marketing

You will be provided with an overview of the theory and practice of public sector management, with a specific focus on communications and marketing, in the context of a developing country.

Contact: Sam More on (011) 717-3868 or

Certificate in Climate Change and Green Economy

If you are interested in accessing credible information on the challenge of climate change and green economy, this course is ideal.  You will learn about the policy and regulatory environment of climate change and Green Economy interventions and the economic and business opportunities that are available through adaptation and mitigation interventions.

Contact person: Yhesmien Hill on (011) 717-3868 or  


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