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Masters of Management (MM)

Graduates of the MM are able to critically engage and apply a range of analytical and interpretive lenses on complex issues within the broad reach of the state and civil society and their respective roles as social change and development agents. Our graduates are able to work independently, think for themselves, defend their operational choices and ask questions that make sense out of complexity. 

The MMs are designed to test your ability to design and carry out a complex problem solving task within a well-articulated analytical and conceptual framework. You will have a solid foundation in a range of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, and have the ability to engage with multidisciplinary bodies of knowledge, developing synthesis and making and defending your choices regarding the approach you take to doing research. 

WSG believes that our degree cultivates policy practitioners, researchers and policy analysts that make a difference.

The need for high-quality policy-makers, policy analysts, policy advisors and civil society policy researchers and activists has become pervasive in the governmental, developmental, non-governmental and other sectors of contemporary society. Policy considerations today encompass the achievement of overall democratic governance, specified levels of service delivery, the fostering of ethical and accountable practice, and the equipment of the public management cadre with the necessary theoretical, strategic and operational skills. The world of practitioners of necessity operates hand-in-hand with the specialists in policy research.

MM in the field of Governance by coursework and research report

MM by dissertation