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Academic Programmes

Participants on the degree programmes can either begin their journey with the PDM which is an honours equivalent qualification designed to provide a blend of theory and practical skills to enable better performance as managers in the public sector. Applicants should have a good undergraduate degree and a minimum of three years’ work experience.

Those graduates of the PDM that would like to build theoretical and conceptual analysis skills and achieve good marks on the PMD may apply for the Master of Management (MM) by course and research. They will be exposed to research methodology, theory and practice, be guided through an in-depth literature analysis in the area of their research and complete a 50 percent Master’s research report.

The School does accept limited numbers of students who have an honours or honours equivalent qualification that have a strong base of governance, development, economics and policy.

Alternatively, they can register for the MM in Public Policy which provides a route for students with a strong academic background and policy experience to register directly with a Master’s Degree.