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Research Centre

The African Centre for Conflict Management (ACCM), a partnership between the WSG and Thabo Mbeki Foundation (TMF), is dedicated to research on issues of conflict, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction and development in Africa.

The partnership was established on 6 April 2016 to support the TMF in its roles of conflict management in Africa and in the implementation of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.

Conflict and insecurity remain some of the major challenges confronting the continent, leading to the curtailing of growth and the reversal of substantial gains that would have otherwise been made. It is reported that 78% of global conflicts take place in Africa.

One area of academic activity within WSG relates to security studies. WSG has been at the forefront of developing a range of training and educational qualifications for members of the security sector in South Africa, and has partners at several universities elsewhere on the continent.

Africa has been marred by the periods of slavery, imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism, with the continent facing numerous and deeply entrenched development challenges. Addressing and confronting these challenges will assist in ensuring that the continent produces a critical mass of intellectuals and thought leaders that can lead and direct the continent in policy formulation and implementation, including areas of peace and security, education and training, economic development and social transformation in Africa.

African universities, think tanks, governments and other institutions are important platforms for sharing knowledge and ideals and training the future leaders of the continent.

The TMF and ACCM aim to set the agenda for progressive change throughout the continent and to create platforms for dialogue producing a continental movement driven by a new cadre of thought leaders. Envisioned is an African continent that is confident and at peace with itself, free of poverty and underdevelopment, prosperous, respecting human and people’s rights, enforcing women’s equality, respected among the community of nations, and developing through trade and not aid.

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