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Development Dialogues

Cabinet adopted the National Development Plan (NDP) in 2012 as the new development policy framework for Government. President Zuma, following the elections in 2014, announced that the NDP and more specifically, the Medium Term Strategic Framework would be the vehicle for ‘radical socio economic transformation’ during his next term of office.  The overarching goals of the NDP are reducing poverty, unemployment and inequality, and achieving a socially cohesive nation, by the year 2030. These goals and the nine outcomes of the MTSF frame South Africa’s national interest and any policy implementation.

The Dialogue on Development and Rights series provides an opportunity to explore how these goals articulate with the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. This will ensure that implementation strategies align not only with the medium and long-term goals of Vision 2030 but with the values and principles articulated in the Constitution. This will enable the social compact implied in the Constitution to be realized through an active citizenry.