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Computer Literacy

Learn to create documents in Word and spreadsheets in Excel

Information technology is an integral part of modern life. Not being able to perform basic functions of computing puts potential employees at a significant disadvantage. Students participating in this course will be exposed to various necessary functions of computing and as such will be better equipped to perform basic tasks using computers. Wits Language School is equipped with a computer laboratory, where students are able to use the programs required for the computer course. This course provides a non-intimidating environment for learners to create a variety of basic documents to suit their individual needs as well as empowering learners who have no experience with personal computers.

Note: This course runs on-demand - Applications will determine a course date.

Course Fee

This course costs R7 500.

*Classes run with a minimum of 5 students. Wits Langauge School reserves the right not to run a particular module in any intake if there is insufficient demand to run the course.


The course is part-time and runs for 9 weeks (40 hours) 


Participants who meet all minimum requirements for the course are awarded a certificate of competence.

Programme Overview

This course specifically focusses on working with MS Word and MS Excel.  The course also trains learners to improve their typing speed, allowing them to be more efficient when creating documents.  Some of the main features of this course include:


  • Paragraph and page formatting in MS Word.
  • Creating tables and columns in MS Word.
  • Use graphic elements in MS Word.
  • Entering data into spreadsheets, using MS Excel.
  • Perform basic calculations and formatting in MS Excel.
  • Creating basic graphs in MS Excel. 

In order to maximize the learners’ Learning opportunities, Learners will also have access to supervised “Free practice time”  During this time, no specific tasks for assessent are set and learners are encouraged to explore elements and functions of personal computing relevant to their own needs.  A trainer is present during this time to address specific needs as they arise.

Entry Requirements


Career Opportunities

This course equips learners with the basic computer skills required for a variety of occupations, for example, receptionist, adminidtrative assistant etc