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This notice serves to confirm that all students and users of the University’s websites and online databases, forums and platforms are aware that all materials, including any videos, images, printed or digital copies of materials and course-packs made available to users via Wits-e, Moodle, or any other University forum or platform are protected works of the University or third parties. The intellectual property rights in these materials vest in the University or third parties and have been reproduced for educational purposes by the University with the permission of the owners of the rights under a licence with the Dramatic, Artistic, and Literary Rights Organization (DALRO) or within the parameters of the Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978. These materials are compiled and made available through these forums and platforms by the University to facilitate access for registered students and employees at the University only. All materials are protected by copyright laws and any unauthorised use, reproduction, publication or distribution of the University’s or any third party’s protected works is a serious misconduct in terms of the University’s Codes and Policies for Student and Staff Discipline. Students and users of the materials are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, publish, and/or make an adaptation of the materials in any manner whatsoever. Strong action will be taken against any user who is making unauthorised use of materials which the University has made available to its students, staff and users. In addition to the University’s Codes and Policies, unauthorised use of protected materials may amount to an offence in terms of the Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978. Parties who are found guilty of copyright infringement may be liable to a fine or imprisonment in terms of the Copyright Act.