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Writing and Learning

We work with the assumption that writing is thinking: both a way of learning and a measure of learning.

The Writing and Learning subject area comprises of the Wits Writing Centre (WWC) and the development of Writing Intensive (WI) courses across the university.

At the WWC, and the other writing centres in Education and Law, we offer one-to one consultations for students and staff on their work in progress.

The WWC also offers workshops on request, particularly around the construction and evaluation of argument, as well as providing a space for writers to share their work and hold public events related to literature, literacy and research. Since its inception as a pioneer writing centre in 1998, the WWC has produced at least 17 award-winning writers.

We are also developing a university-wide Writing Intensive (WI) programme. WI courses are existing courses which use writing as a vehicle to deliver course content and foreground the processes of disciplinary specific critical thinking.

If you are interested in making your course WI, or enhancing its WI qualities, please contact us.