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The SILENT PROTEST is the biggest protest against rape and sexual violence in South Africa and aims to draw attention to, and challenge the culture of silence around, sexual violence in our country, to raise public awareness about the extent of the problem of sexual violence and to offer a space where, in large numbers, protestors can stand in solidarity with all survivors of sexual violence. 

Why do people tape their mouths shut, rather than talk about the issue?

In order to make visible how many people are affected by sexual violence and how many people never report what has happened to them, the majority of participants tape their mouths shut, embodying for one day the silence, hurt and loss that most rape survivors live daily.

What happens on the day?

Men and women, staff and students, gather on the day at 8am to affirm their commitment to justice and an end to sexual violence and spend all day wearing purple T-shirts, participating in events designed to get people thinking about the realities of sexual violence and finally coming together to break the silence and talk about the unspeakable.