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First-Year Experience Mentorship Programme

Every first-year student is introduced to the First-Year Experience Mentorship Programme and assigned a mentor. This is a year-long peer-to-peer support journey designed to develop a sense of community to ensure that first-year students feel a sense of belonging and connectedness with the university community.

A mentor is a senior student who has extensive institutional knowledge and experience of student and academic life within the university. First-Years will be allocated to a Mentor who will take them on a journey of discovery!

The objectives of the Mentorship Programme is to take first-year students on a journey of discovery – this is facilitated through the following:

  • Creating safe spaces for first-years to build a peer support network;
  • Connecting first-year students to key support structures;
  • Creating a proactive, shared, goal-orientated and caring relationship to ensure the student success of first-year students;
  • Ensuring that first-year students feel as partners in their learning journey.