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Started in 2009, the Wits Rural Health Club (WRHC) is a membership-based organization of health science students who are concerned with improving health care in the rural areas of South Africa. It was started by a medical student who came from rural Taung and therefore experienced the harsh reality of rural healthcare. Since then it has managed to recruit 300 health science student members.

WRHC advocates for improved rural health care by promoting interest in rural health care amongst prospective and current health science students and by providing inspiration and opportunities for health science students to be inducted into the professional, personal and community benefits of building a rural health care career. It also partakes in cataract outreaches to improve the lives of senior citizens in rural Eastern Cape.

WRHC vision

To contribute to a better care for rural patients by promoting interest in rural health and primary health care among health science students and other interested parties.


WRHC has relationships with other health practitioners who promote the improvement of rural health care. The Rural Health Advocacy Project (RHAP) plays a significant role in the running of WRHC.
They assist in financial support for the outreach activities, when drafting a press statement of other public statements about the rural health conditions they encounter in their outreach activities, attending committee meetings to assist WRHC with implementing proposals for committee structure. Finally, the RHAP will facilitate relationship-building between WRHC and AHP; an increase financial resourcing.
The WRHC has also built relationships with the following organizations:

  • Tuks Rural Health Club, Wits Surgical Society
  • Wits Centre for Rural Health
  • Friends of MSF
  • RuReSA
  • Philipino Rural Health Care Medical Students
  • Australian Rural Medical Health Care students
  • Canadian Rural Medical Health Care Students
  • RuDASA
  • AHP
  • DoH EC 

Contact us

Contact number: 0825206873