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Third and Fourth Teaching Blocks (including Faculty specific requirements which may mean curriculum covered in shorter or more extended period/ mid-term break/ field trips /study break/ boot camps and labs)* 

13 July - 23 October (77 days) 

Study Break/Extended teaching period in Science/Field trips/ Boot camps 

26 October -30 October (5 Days) 


Assessment period 1 ** 

Assessment period 1 Science only 

02 November-27 November (20 Days) 

09 November -27 November (15 Days) 



16 December  

*  Academic calendar may be extended to allow for faculty specific additional teaching period as well as academic   support for those cohorts of students identified by faculties so that they are eligible to be assessed in assessment      period 2.

** Sit down and online assessments (to be determined by faculty).