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Staff Profile

Associate Professor Antje Schuhmann

Phone 0117174370
Organisational Unit Political Studies

Antje Schuhmann is an Associate Professor in the Political Studies Department and associated to the WITS Centre for Diversity Studies. She is the strategic partner to Berlin Humboldt University in Germany, Chair for Diversity and Social Conflict, which entails research cooperation and student exchange.

She holds a PhD in Postcolonial Studies (and a MA in American Cultural History/ Literature Theory/Social Psychology) from Ludwig-Maximilian’s University Munich (Germany). 

She worked internationally: America Institute at Ludwig-Maximilian’s University Munich (Germany), the American and Black Studies
and English-Speaking Cultures Department of the University of Bremen (Germany), at the University Paris 7 (France) and University of Orleans (France), before she was appointed at University of the Witwatersrand. Antje Schuhmann is active in international feminist and anti-racist networks and initiatives. She is the co-editor of Blackness and Sexualities (2007) and of Gaze Regimes. Film and Feminisms in Africa (2015), has produced film and audio features and publishes in various academic and non-academic journals and newspapers.

Research interests:

  • Feminist Theories & Methodologies
  • Gender based violence
  • Critical Diversity Studies, special focus on intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality – Politics of Othering and Normativity)
  • Body & Identity Politics including Queer Theory (the body and discourses about gendered, racialised, and sexualized bodies in political thought and social practices, homophobia, hate crimes) and Sexuality Studies (from LTGBI history and movements to deconstruction/strategic essentialism, two –sex system)
  • Postcolonial Theory (European und US-American Migration/Refugee-Movements, Orientalism, Anti-racist/xenophobic Theories and Movements)
  • Memory Politics (German National Socialism, Shoah/Holocaust, German Genocide in Namibia, links between colonialism and today’s forms of racism, decolonization)
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Critical Theory (Frankfurt School) and Political Protest/Movements (Politics of transgression and subversion and/or oppositional politics)
  • Critical Pedagogy, Transdisciplinarity and Mathetics for diverse Classrooms

How do gender, race, sexuality, and class manifest in everyday experiences and politics of representation? How are the ways we memorize past violence subverting or reinforcing contemporary forms of oppression? The intersections of power with body politics, and their historic legacies within today’s systems of violence and domination are one of the main foci of her intellectual and political work.

Antje Schuhmann’s transdisciplinary intellectual project is rooted in poststructuralist theory production, especially in relation to the analysis of intersectionality as practiced within Gender Studies, Critical Race Theory, Postcolonial Feminist and Queer Studies. Her work is inspired by Critical Theory as developed by the scholars of the German Frankfurt School/New School NY, traversing German Philosophy with Social Psychology and applying psychoanalytic concepts when interpreting socio-political and cultural phenomena such as regimes of violence, politics of othering, identity and belonging such as racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia

She was awarded the WITS Faculty of Humanities Postgraduate Teaching Award. Her teaching practice is inclusive, horizontal, interactive and transdisciplinary.